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Financial Considerations


Introduction to the Costs of Cancer Care

Get an overview of the financial impact of cancer care in the United States and why it’s important to talk openly with your health care team about these costs.

Questions to Ask about Cost

Use this list of questions to start a conversation with your health care team about the specific costs you can expect and where to get help.

Getting Organized

Get tips and advice for organizing the financial information and paperwork that comes with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Financial Resources

Find national organizations that help people with cancer who are facing financial challenges.

Health Insurance

Find out about different types of private and government-sponsored health insurance options, including HMOs, PPOs, Medicare, Medicaid, and the health insurances marketplaces.

Glossary of Cost-Related Terms

Learn what some of the most common words and acronyms used in discussions about health insurance and the costs of cancer care mean.

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